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Lead List At-A-Glance

Modified on: Wed, 18 May , 2022 | 02:03 PM

The Lead List houses all your potential franchise candidates. Whether they are added in manually by your support staff, or automatically populating via an integration with your website or lead portals.  

Your Lead List At-A-Glance:  

You have a User List View that allows you to sort, prioritize and analyze your data in a snap, using multiple filters for both system fields and custom fields.  This view will be personal to only you so customize it however you like with the following options:

  • Use filters to drill down by specific information or use to create customized reports. 

  • Column drop down to customize your view. Pro Tip: All columns can be rearranged using a drag and drop feature.

  • Static Search Box if looking for a specific lead. Search by First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone  Number and Company.

  • Save Report Link to save your custom report. 

  • Save as Default link to save your custom view.  

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