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The Lead List in Grid View

Modified on: Mon, 31 Oct , 2022 | 04:49 PM

In addition to the standard list view you can view your leads in a grid sorted by Lead Status.

To change your view on the lead list:

  1. Click the button to the right that looks like 4 squares in a grid.
  2. Once the new view displays, you can scroll to the right to see all of your leads sorted into columns for each lead status.

  3. Your leads will display with basic contact details just as they did on the lead list view.
  4. To access the actions on the gear icon - click the 3 dots beside the lead's name.

  5. To access the 360 view of the lead you can either click on the lead's name or select 360 view from the actions list.
  6. Each lead on the list has a colored dot on their profile photo. The color of this dot indicates their lead source.
  7. To view the legend for the colors, hover over the icon that looks like 3 people just below the grid view button. This will display the colors and their associated lead sources.

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